We Are Here for You

Our history starts as a service bureau provider of payroll, HR and timekeeping software. During that time, we served hundreds of customers... Observing not only their employment processes but how they ran their business. Since people are at the core of every business, there were countless times where requests for data were made from the platforms we supported.

We Cared... We Listened

But, reports and charts were never enough. We wanted to delight... not just deliver. analytic.li was born out of the desire to go all the way... To fully solve for what our customers were asking.

So, what were they asking?

They wanted to understand why people were deciding to join their company... or leave their company... so they could do something about it. They wanted to be able to help managers be more successful and get data in their hands more frequently. They wanted to be able to better understand how labor expense impacted their business results like additional sales, productivity, and growth.

Enter: analytic.li

Realizing that, we decided to take on the challenge of "what happens to the data once payroll has been processed, timesheets perfected, and HR processes are streamlined?"

Today, we are excited to partner with you in offering your customers a solution that helps business data meet people data in a more meaningful, just-in-time way.

Why Include analytic.li

For a net new opportunity

analytic.li offers differentiation to competition based on its speed-to-value and ability to integrate data sources.

When considering selling additional modules

analytic.li can illustrate the value of additional modules by quickly visualizing the data offered in conjunction with additional data sets.

When considering ongoing customer retention

analytic.li can create a 'stickier' relationship as it visualizes data from an HCM Service Provider & other key data sources for the customer.

Want to think analytic.li with us?