People Analytics for Employers of Any Size

Our Product Promise


Our best-practices solution requires no implementation. That means company-specific analytics & insights in minutes.

Best Practices

Build your people analytics strategy based off our foundational dashboards & insights.

Multiple Datasets

HCM Data and WFM data is most valuable when coupled with industry-specific data sources (e.g. ERP, POS, Budget, Finance).

Reducing Data Bloat

More data isn't the answer for people analytics. We provide the right data... at the right time... to the right person.


People analytics shouldn't be a luxury good only available to some. We offer a scalable solution... analytics for all.

Visualize all of your data together. 

You can stop importing, scrubbing and pivot tabling. Or, waiting forever for a report to get sent back to you. We pulled together all of your relevant people and business data in one place.

Maximize people-related investments.

Drill to answer first, second and third tier questions on the fly. Do your own ad hoc analysis whenever you'd like.  Our dashboards are grouped by subject area which makes sharing them out easy.  Send Wage & Benefit to your compensation team… Workforce Planning to operations, and Human Capital Investment to finance.

Right people. Right time.

Let's face it. Some days, there's little time for strategy and plenty of need for action. That's why insights and observations come to analytic.li users right when they need them. 

People Analytics... For Everyone


Use the power of data to attract, retain, grow and develop your best asset... your people.


Forecast, anticipate and plan for changes in your human capital investment.


A turn-key, engineering-free way to quickly deliver on your company's people analytics initiatives.


Productivity is driven by your people and planning. Rely on our up-to-date data is what will drive success and safety.


Drive your business based off data... not your gut. Offer quality direction to the rest of the organization.

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