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Why You Should Buy an Analytics Platform vs Build it Yourself

In this final episode, we will delve into the skills needed in your organization to successfully implement an analytics solution. This includes a discussion around what it takes to build, implement and maintain a full-suite analytics solution internally versus what partnering with an organization to outsource would look like.


How to Successfully Launch an Analytics Solution

In this episode, we welcome a new guest, Mackenzie Harris our Customer Experience Manager at analytic.li. We will discuss what it takes to be successful in onboarding an analytics solution, training your teammates, and how to find ROI within the platform.


How to Become Data Driven through Data Visualization

In this episode, we will discuss the final step of the data pipeline, data visualization. The biggest misconception of data visualization is that it’s all about pretty charts and graphs. We’ll discuss the real importance of data visualization and how to get started. 


Turning Your Data Warehouse into an Analytics Engine

By now, you know that the place for cross software system analysis is not inside of one of your business applications. You get that there needs to be a data Switzerland of sorts.  And, likely you’ve heard the terms “Data Warehouse” and “Data Lake” thrown around.  But, what’s the difference?  And, more importantly, how do you decide what is right for your organization?  


Why Your Data Foundation Matters

In this webinar from our series The Dirty Job of Analytics with Mike Rowe, our co-hosts will dive into what it takes to begin an analytics project, the types of source systems you may have in your organization, and the importance of data governance when it comes to system readiness.


Not All Data Integrations Are Created Equal

Our co-hosts will dive into the different ways to extract and integrate data from various source systems. We’ll simplify it down into some of the most common ways we experience data integrations. You’ll leave with a way to vet out which options are available to you.



Efficiency Metrics Starter Kit

This will be your go-to guide for driving efficiency. Understand how to better identify your unit, begin to consider various metrics you should be tracking and understand the technical challenges of your data systems.



Efficiency Metrics Worksheet

This interactive document allows you to fill-in-the-blank (think “Mad-Lib”) all of the pieces you need to build out your metrics. Start by pinpointing which metrics are most important to your organization, then identifying your source systems and finally determine who on your team should receive these metrics and how they would like them.


Having an Efficiency Focus to Drive Your Comeback Strategy

Today “back to normal” really means back to different. We are facing different challenges, being asked different questions and having to operate differently to ensure the health and safety of those around us.

In this podcast, three experts talk about building efficiency-focused business. 


Having an Efficiency Focus to Drive Your Comeback Strategy

In this webinar, three experts talk about building efficiency-focused business. 

1. What efficiency means and how to define efficiency metrics for your business.

2. Why you should navigate the current economy with a focus on efficiency to improve your businesses comeback strategy.

3. How to strategically set up an operational system focused on metrics and accountability.

4. How to implement efficiency metrics to balance both business and technical execution.


Navigating Your Workforce in Uncertain Times

In this webinar we talk about the ways employers must navigate their workforce in uncertain times. We dive into how employers can begin to architect a comeback plan now through:

1. Maximizing productivity

2. Re-casting labor budgets

3. Prioritizing hiring

4. Ensuring efficiency

5. Keeping your team engaged. 

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