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Help Your Customers Think analytic.li to Grow Business

Life as a service provider isn’t easy. Competition is fierce. We can help you stand out from the pack by offering advanced analytics solutions. You’ll prove strategic value by helping customers improve their business, not just run their business.

When to Include analytic.li in Your Sales

New Opportunities

analytic.li offers differentiation to competition based on its speed-to-value and ability to integrate multiple data sources.

Upsell Opportunities

analytic.li can illustrate the value of additional modules by quickly visualizing the data offered in conjunction with additional data sets.

Renewal Opportunities

analytic.li can create a ‘stickier’ relationship as it visualizes data from an HCM Service Provider & other key data sources for the customer.

PayServ + analytic.li

“We’ve been working with analytic.li for several years and I simply cannot say enough about how impressive this organization is.  The technology is top-notch and the people are just incredible.  Working with analytic.li, we’ve been able to provide unique solutions within a crowded marketplace which assists us in acquiring new clients and adding value to our existing relationships.”

Sam Fessenden

EVP / Partner

IPS + analytic.li

“We partner with analytic.li to provide complementary yet differentiating services to our customer base. IPS clients count on us to deliver innovative, integrated solutions designed to help them run more profitable businesses. analytic.li hits the mark in these areas. Furthermore, the IPS-analytic.li cultures align very well which creates a consistent customer experience. If you are considering a relationship with analytic.li you are on the right track.”

Coray A. Grove

Principal & Co-Founder

As service providers, you look to make customers’ lives easier any way you can. We get it. Customers rely on you to help them manage timekeeping, payroll, scheduling, benefits, insurance or even their money. Savvy service providers find ways to add more value to create ‘stickier’ relationships.

We understand your business and are here to help. We started as payroll service bureau of payroll, HR and timekeeping software. We were constantly responding to requests for data from the platforms we supported. We cared about how our customers ran their business. We listened. We wanted to delight our customers… not just deliver reports and charts.

Enter: analytic.li

We took on the challenge of “what happens to the data once payroll has been processed, timesheets perfected, and HR processes are streamlined?”

Today, we are excited to partner with you in offering your customers solutions that help business data meet people data in a more meaningful, just-in-time way.

So, whether you are a service bureau or service provider of payroll, HR, and timekeeping software,  or a third-party administrator or broker of insurance, accounting or benefits services, we believe you can help every customer – no matter its size or industry – benefit from leveraging advanced analytics.

analytic.li was born out of the desire to fully solve for what our customers were asking.


Employers wanted to:

  • Understand why people decided to join their company… or leave their company… so they could do something about it.
  • Be able to help managers be more successful and get data in their hands more frequently.
  • Be able to better understand how labor expense impacted their business results like additional sales, productivity, and growth.

With analytic.li, partners now can offer distinct and complementary services to customers to help them be more profitable, more productive and better people managers.



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