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The Workforce Analytics Methodology

Every organization is looking to be more productive, more profitable and a better manager of its people. But, knowing which workforce solutions to invest in has been almost impossible until now.  When disparate people and business data are combined, workforce analytics engages your people to deliver a greater return on investment.

analytic.li is unlocking the power of workforce analytics


This means effortlessly combining data from people, labor, human resources, finance, operations and budget systems to provide insights to front line managers to the C-Suite.

How Our Methodology Works

Pick which outcomes you would like to see first. Then, add on as you go. Each metric corresponds with the others. Start with one and add in the other three over time, or start with all four at once. This is a workforce analytics solution built for you and your organization’s needs. Scale up or scale down, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Align the activities that can improve your overall production performance in the most effective way.

Improve Quality & Compliance

Analyze the performance against a specific standard for your offering, service, experience or product.

Boost Revenue & Margin

Better understand where your revenue & margin are most affected in your organization.

Raise Employee Engagement & Retention

Gain greater insight into your organization’s greatest asset: your people.

Data Sources

In order to give you insight into your organization, we need data. We pull data from each of the systems below to enable your teams to make better data-driven decisions. Increasing decision velocity is the goal of workforce analytics.


Finance & Budget

HR & Safety






Delivering Analytics in a Consumable Way

analytic.li can provide its value in a number of different delivery mechanisms. It’s up to you! These include Ask analytic.li, alerts, reports and dashboards.

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