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Get off the talent merry-go-round

Help me have enough people to do the work

Let’s say you post a job

Or maybe you work with a recruiter… or, a temp agency… or, you strike gold with an internal referral from an employee. No matter how you find the next best hire, you celebrate once they have accepted! The next days include onboarding and training… mentoring and coaching… I9s and handbooks… you name it. At the end of all of it, you prop your feet up and marvel at the process that you do countless times a year just to make sure your organization has enough people to do the work.

Then it happens: another opening needs filled. Sometimes this is good news… The company is growing! But, other times, this means hiring processes aren’t working right and talent is walking out the door.

We often hear things like… “It’s hard to be the strategic vacuum.” To really understand the best sources for talent, your upcoming needs, the true time to fill and train, and how new hires perform and add value to the organization means you need data. And, not just data that you pull one time a year or are forced to cobble together in a series of spreadsheets and pivot tables… you need insights. Insights that are at your fingertips, require no manual work to create and can be shared with those that can help.

We’ve heard you… and the hundreds of thousands of employers who grapple with the same data drought that you do.

analytic.li helps employers like you have enough people to do the work by effortlessly serving up the insights you need to make strategic talent acquisition, on-boarding and training decisions. Ready to see analytic.li in action? Click below to see how we help our customers have enough people to do the work.

analytic.li is a workforce analytics company that allows employers to make faster, better decisions to drive productivity & profitability and improve their people’s work experience.  We do this by effortlessly combining labor, payroll, timekeeping, operations, human resources, finance and budget data together. What’s more is our ability to serve every analytics user throughout the organization through a series of dashboards, reports and alerts.

Originally published September 3, 2019.

Written by Natalie Ostoic

Outside of spending hours reading new trends in product and experiential marketing, I consider myself a true foodie in every way. Want to know which restaurant has the best aesthetic to food quality ratio? Or, looking for the best coffee in town at the most affordable price? I'm your girl!

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