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Empower Your Workforce to Make Smarter Decisions

Employers are interested in how to identify the best sources for talent, how to decrease the turnover of high-performance team members, how to better manage labor expense, and how to give more people within their organization the ability to make more informed data-driven decisions. That’s why we offer a range of advanced analytics options to help any organization begin or advance its analytics journey.

People Data and Business Data… At Your Fingertips

Start with People Analytics

Looking at people data alone is just the beginning of your analytics journey. Use best practice dashboards to see what’s happening day to day to better understand your human capital investment and workforce planning needs. Gain confidence in how the organization is performing – whether it’s managing time and labor, wage and benefits or recruiting, training, engaging and retaining talent. Quickly check pulse metrics by location, department or teams, then drill in to learn more.

Advance with Workforce Analytics

Layer on budget goals & forecasts, financial, operations and productivity data to really understand how your investments in people are impacting your organization. Or learn where you can better support your team members for success. We’d love to share more about how we support companies like yours. Take a look below to see some vertical-specific examples.

Thinking analytic.li Across All Verticals


Producing the highest quality products is imperative to customer satisfaction and sales. Understanding the productivity and efficiency of your workforce by pairing together people business data will help you answer questions like:

  • How efficient am I at balancing labor hours and machine hours?
  • What is my labor expense per unit produced vs. goal?
  • What’s my productivity per line?
  • Which line is getting close to overtime?
  • How can I better schedule to anticipate absences?


Warehousing, distributing and shipping your products as efficiently and safely as possible is paramount. That’s why we couple together people, productivity and financial data to help answer questions like:

  • How many units (cases, pallets, lines, eaches) per hour are produced per employee?
  • What is my overtime as a percentage of labor?
  • What is my fill rate this week vs. last week?
  • What is my absenteeism this month?


The outcome of your patients is highly dependent on the quality of your team. That’s why we pull together data from relevant sources to answer questions like:

  • Is there any part of my nursing/medical staff that could be at risk for burnout?
  • How are we trending towards our RVU goals?
  • What shift has the most overtime and turnover?
  • How are readmissions/outcomes correlated to productivity?

Food Service

Managing your front-of-house, back-of-house, scheduling, accounting, POS (and many other) systems can be almost impossible. Let us help you compile all of your disparate data in one place to easily answer questions like:

  • What is my production time per event (e.g. drive through, ticket)?
  • What is my food cost variance (%)?
  • When should I schedule more staff based on high volume sales trends?
  • What is my revenue per employee?

Retail & Hospitality

Your demand-based, customer satisfaction-driven business depends on your team serving your customers successfully. Let us connect the dots so we can give managers, district managers, your operations team and your HR team the data they need to answer questions like:

  • What is my sales vs. labor expense per store this year vs. last year?
  • How does my absenteeism contribute to lost sales?
  • How many people do I need per hour based on sales?
  • How am I trending towards my sales goal?


Ensuring compliance, worker safety, and customer satisfaction are at the top of mind in staffing. Let us help you better look at people data and operations data to ensure worker and customer satisfaction by answering questions like:

  • How efficient am I at placing workers with customers?
  • What is my labor expense per customer? What is my revenue per customer?
  • What are my Workers’ Comp Claims per Customer?
  • Am I maximizing potential tax credits in the hiring process?


Your business depends on your team completing the goals and objectives set by your customers. Let us help you better understand your productivity and its impact on your revenue by enabling you with the data to answer questions like:

  • Who are my top performers based on customer satisfaction scores?
  • What is my revenue for the same period this year vs last year?
  • How is absenteeism impacting customer satisfaction?
  • How am I trending towards my sales goals?

Analytics Across All Verticals

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Workforce Analytics is no longer limited to enterprise organizations.

analytic.li enables all employers to combine human resources, labor, operations, finance and budget data together to be more productive, more profitable and a better people manager.

analytic.li answers these common requests from leaders, managers and individual contributors throughout the organization:

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