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Your Virtual Workforce Assistant

Ask analytic.li

When was the last time someone burst into your office and asked you a question that turned into a never-ending pivot table project? Isn’t there a better way? Couldn’t your time be used more strategically? Shouldn’t you have an assistant to aggregate, make sense of, deliver, and turn all your data into the answers you need?

Let us introduce you to your virtual workforce assistant:

Ask analytic.li

Get Answers to Questions Like

Which departments struggle to keep employees?

How has revenue per employee changed over time?

Are any of my locations top-performing or struggling?

Which employees are driving overtime?

Why is our participation in benefits decreasing?

Which manager has forecasted overtime this week?

Query Your Data Naturally

Natural Language Processing Technology

Ask analytic.li utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide visual representations of the answers you are looking for about your workforce. Ask analytic.li makes it easy to interrogate your data and get meaningful answers on the spot to the challenges your business faces every day.

Powerful and Responsive Interface

As you type your question, Ask analytic.li responds by:

  • Auto completing words and questions based on recognized words and stored questions
  • Generating a preview of the visual as you type
  • Suggesting replacement terms as you move your cursor in the question box
  • Restating the question with terms or synonyms from your data set.

Baldor Specialty Foods + analytic.li

“Ask analytic.li makes it so much easier to find answers to complicated questions that help our Leadership team improve the employee experience at Baldor. The fact that you start typing what you are looking for and it starts to give you suggestions is an added bonus. It makes building my own data sets and producing visuals and trends much faster which helps make a difference in how people make decisions about things like Benefits, Leave, Overtime, and Retention.”

Pam Johnson

Time & Attendance Supervisor

Kimray Inc. + analytic.li

“Using Ask analytic.li in combination with the People Analytics dashboards enhances my ability as an HR professional to make an impact on operational cost containment here at Kimray. By utilizing the pinned questions and Phrase Guide, I can create datasets to share with the leadership team in near real-time, allowing them to have meaningful conversations and take action. Most recently, that’s taken the form of daily overtime spikes by production area, manager, and team member.”

Haeden Guarnera

Senior HR Generalist

How It Works

Ask analytic.li surfaces the results of your questions on the fly. Behind the scenes, the analytic.li data platform does the heavy lifting.

Data Sources

Your data lives in various source systems, but it’s a real challenge to integrate them. analytic.li pulls data from your operations, finance, budget, HR, and labor systems.

Data Model

Getting your data together isn’t enough. Meaningful relationships must be created to build the right metrics and measures. Here’s where the analytic.li data model comes in, pre-built anticipating your questions around productivity, efficiency and people.

Linguistic Schema

Now, let’s make this conversational. Here’s where our linguistic schema comes in to translate your data fields into the questions and answers you are looking for. Start asking your favorite questions the same way you would in your favorite search engine.

Optimize your workday with ask analytic.li