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Introduction to the CX Den

Greetings! So glad you’ve stopped by for the Customer Experience team takeover of the blog ? I’m sure this won’t be the last!


If you take one tidbit away from this post, let it be that We. Love. People.

Every day we have the OPPORTUNITY to collaborate, innovate, and ride shotgun on a huge array of HCM projects and operational objectives that effectively change how organizations, and the people within those organizations, work. At the center of it all are people who have a passion for what they do. Our job is to empower those people with the tools they need to realize their goals and start moving the needle.

Every customer journey is different which is why each analytic.li customer is paired up with a CX Specialist who brings project management know-how, analytics smarts, technology skills, and HCM services expertise to the table (If you’re reading between the lines right now: yes, this is an exceptionally sharp group!). Not only do our customers experience an insanely quick turn-around time on initial dashboard access, they also feel like part of the family.

If you’re new to the dashboards, an old pro, or thinking about joining forces with us, let me tell you: we’re going to arm you with the data you need to be the most strategic decision maker or influencer in your organization. No joke. These aren’t cookie cutter dashboards – we’re cultivating data in such a way that every user can make data-backed and data-inspired decisions. From just in time data insights to one-on-one strategy sessions with your CXS to onsite visits where we map the flow of operations of your organization, our CX team is going to set you up for success from day one and throughout your analytics journey with us.

I truly believe it’s the people that make something great – let us prove it to you.

Liz Greene

VP of CX

Originally published September 26, 2018.

Written by Elizabeth Greene

I am a creative human at heart and love to cultivate and build things: teams, tomatoes, reports, you name it. My strengths lie in coming alongside customers to help them solution for their business. When I’m not cultivating relationships, you’ll likely find me immersed in my garden or tackling a project at my farm with my animals and other half, Mitchell.

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