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Employers shouldn't have to choose whether to focus on their profits or their people... Or, between driving EBITDA and creating an impactful employee experience. But, they've had to. They've been forced to make decisions in a vacuum because of how difficult it was to combine and refresh all of their data together.

That's why can act as your one source of truth for human capital management, workforce management, productivity and business outcomes data.

More data isn't the answer. The right data is.

But, just having the data isn't good enough. Honestly, too much data can paralyze front-line managers, division heads and even the most strategic executive teams. Let's face it, we all are looking for observations and insights in our monstrous spreadsheets... so, why not make it easier?

That's why offers best-practice dashboards that are always accessible and up-to-date, just-in-time insights that help key stakeholders know the right actions to take to hit goals and cadenced observations that identify where to focus.

Forget reporting... let's talk outcomes.

Since the data that was once manually compiled, like payroll, ERP, timekeeping and forecast data, is already combined and delivered at the right times, employers can focus on driving positive change rather than pivot tabling or waiting for standard reports to run.

Outcomes will vary group to group. But, can include hitting production goals as safely and efficiently as possible for manufacturers. Or, focusing on better outcomes through decreased clinician burnout in healthcare. Or, managing sales transactions, staffing and food tracking for restaurants & retailers. Making better compensation decisions that drive retention and performance.

"I was struggling to get the data I needed quickly, but with, it's all right in the dashboards."

Barb Lutz, Salida Hospital District

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