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Dawn of a New HR Era

Our modern workforce is more mobile and autonomous than ever before. For HR professionals and other business leaders to stay competitive — both in the market and the human capital management arena — they need to be far more sophisticated and data driven than their predecessors.

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The way we work is changing. Twenty-first century workforce management is about a lot more than running payroll and making headcount reports.

More Data Isn't Enough

Better Data is the Answer

There’s no shortage of human capital data at your fingertips, whether it’s from payroll, timekeeping, ERP, or accounting systems. But, more data isn’t the answer. Better data is. It’s time to stop making people decisions with your gut and start making them analytic.li. We’ll help you do just that.

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People Analytics for Employers

Today’s HR professionals are strategic business partners, not back office administrators. It’s time their workforce data supported that shift. Gone are the days of exporting payroll/HCM data from multiple systems and manually manipulating it in tools like Excel. Spreadsheets become outdated as soon as the next new hire, promotion, or payroll cycle is processed. The result? Today’s decisions are based on yesterday’s data. No more.

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With analytic.li, employers can:

better workforce management decisions
and plan for how talent impacts the business
data in one framework that helps you make better decisions
valuable data as a true business partner

People Analytics for Service Bureaus

Excelling at time tracking, running payroll, and scheduling resources doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s payroll and HCM software users are more analytical and data savvy than ever. Your clients don’t simply want more workforce data either. They want to know what their data means.

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With analytic.li, service bureaus can:

your clients powerful analytics
a long-term trusted partner
business-critical decision making tools
revenue per happy client